Tina Week of July 27-Aug 2

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For updated Week of July 27 scroll down! If you can only get in one bike do the brick. If you are limited on time do the speed workout on the trainer.

Tina: Week of July 13


Monday: Run
6 miles moderate effort with 6×20 sec strides after maybe on the trail by your house. Do them at 85%effort. You can also build speed over the 20 sec.


Tuesday: Hard Bike:

20-30 min warm up then 5×5 min hill repeats in a bigger gear or 5×5 min big gear on the trainer with a 3-5 min spin between. Finish with 10-15 easy.


Wednesday: Swim 800 swim TT
300 easy, 200 kick, 6×50(25 fast, 25 easy), timed 800, 4×100 at 800 TT pace, 2×100 kick, 200 pull


Thursday: 8 mile run with 6x 800 meters hard with 1 min Very easy jog between each interval. Finish with 1-2 miles easy for 8 miles total for the whole workout.


Friday: 2-2.5 hours rolling hills.

Include the following: 1x15min at IM Pace, 1×10 min at Half IM pace, 2×5 min at Oly pace. Take about 5 min spin between.


Saturday: Swim an optional 4 mile easy run. Let me know your 800 TT time for this swim workout.


Sunday: Off or a workout from another day if you missed one.


July 27-Aug 2

Monday: 7 mile run KEY WORKOUT

2 miles easy, 3 miles hard timed, 2 miles easy


Tuesday: Trainer Workout 1 hour but when it says go HARD do it! 🙂 It should hurt. KEY WORKOUT

20 min warm up, 10 x30 sec HARD with 30 sec EASY, 5×1 min HARD with 1 min easy, 20 min moderate to easy cool-down


Wednesday: Easy swim

200 warm-up
Main Set: 6 x 400s
First two 400s- swim as 25 fast, 75 easy
Second two 400s: pull with band and buoy(no paddles) with 25 fast, 75easy
Third two 400s:  Pull with paddle and buoy: all with 20sec rest
200 kick cool-down, 200 easy swim


Thursday: Brick KEY WORKOUT

1:30-2 hour aerobic bike with some climbs + 20 minutes off the bike


Friday: 6 miles with the last 2 miles alternating 2 min medium-hard, 2 min easy.


Saturday: Swim KEY WORKOUT

4oo easy, 300 pull, 200 kick, 100(5), 200(10), 300(15), 400(15), 300(10), 200(5), 100 – the rest is in (), easy 200



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