Elise July 27-Aug 9

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July 27- August 2nd


Monday: Hard Bike; Master’s Swim

20 minute warm-up, 4×30 sec hard, 30 sec easy

2x(1 min hard(1 easy), 2 min hard(2 easy), 3min hard(3 easy), finish with 10 minutes easy.



Easy 4 miles.

*you can also do Thursday’s optional swim here too.



Wednesday: Hard Run; Master’s swim

Run: 2 mile warm-up, 4-6×100 strides, 12×400 with 2 min walk/jog, 1-2 miles easy

Do the first 2-4 400’s no faster than 90 seconds, then if you feel good pick up the next four 400’s, either maintain this pace for the last four 400’s or pick it up without irritating your back.


Thursday: Easy Bike; optional swim

1:15 – 1:30 spin on the trainer to feel; optional swim.  Let me know if you plan to swim and want a workout.


Friday: Master’s Swim; Bike

Bike: 2 hours with a 30 min TT in the middle. Use the same course as before if possible. with a 2 mile transition run off the bike.


Saturday: 8 miles with the last two miles at triathlon race pace or slightly faster.


Sunday: Off


Week of August 3

Monday: Master’s Swim + 1.5 hour bike with the last 30 minutes building every 10 minutes finishing at race pace.


Tuesday: 6 miles with 20 minutes alternating 1 min hard, 1 min easy. Do this is in the middle of the 6 miles so you have a warm-up and cool-down. You can do this on the track or from your house.


Optional Swim: Roughly 2500 yards.


Wednesday: Travel Day. Depending on what time you arrive you can do 2-3 mile run to loosen up the legs from sitting.


Thursday: 1-1:20 Bike with 4×2 min pick-ups. Don’t go all out but get your legs moving.


Friday: 1500 meters or roughly 25 minute open water swim. Throw in 4-6 x 20 sec accelerations.

4 mile run to feel. If you want you can do 4×20 strides after the run.


Saturday: Regular pre-race routine


Sunday: Race Day






**Let me know your travel plans to Nationals so I can build your workouts accordingly. Also will athletes be allowed to swim at the venue in the days before the race, etc…


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