Elise Winter Workouts: May 11-May 20

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Week of May 11

Monday: Master’s Swim

Hard Bike: 20 minute warm-up, 5×30 sec build, 8×2 minutes HARD with 1 min spin, 10-15 minutes easy


Tuesday: Either the workout below or Auburn Track

15 minute warm-up, 4×100 strides, 6x(200, 1 min jog, 400, 2 min jog), 15 minute easy run


Wednesday: Master’s Swim

Moderate Bike: 1:15-1:30 with the last 30 minutes as a build – last 10 min at race pace(10, 10, 10)


Thursday: 6 mile run. Last mile incorporate 5x 15 second strides without stopping between


Friday: Modified Master’s Swim with SELF CONTROL. Don’t exceed 2500 yds. You can go less if you want.

Optional 30-45 minutes on bike


Saturday: pre-race routine


Sunday: Race Day!!


Week of May 18


Monday: OFF


Tuesday: 3-4 mile run and/or swim


Wednesday: Master’s Swim

1:30 Moderate effort bike – to feel




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