July 27-August 2

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July 27-August 2

Monday: Hard Bike on Trainer

20 minute warm up followed by 30 sec hard, 30 sec easy for 4 minutes, 3x (1 min hard, 2 min hard, 3 min hard) with equal rest between. So after the 1 min hard go 1 min easy, etc…, finish with 10 min easy spin cool-down.


Tuesday: Swim; Run

30 minute easy run

2500 yard swim

500 easy; 5×100 pull descending 1-5, 500 swim alternating 100 easy/100 fast, 5×100(as 50 hard, 50 kick), 500 easy swim


Wednesday: Hard Run

2 mile warm-up, 4×400 with 2 minute jog between (5k-10k pace), 5 min jog, 4×800 with 3 min jog between at Half marathon pace. Finish with 1-2 miles east running.


Thursday: Hard Swim: 2700yards

500 warm-up, 2×100 kick, 4×25 build, 2x(4×25 fast, 4×50 fast, 4×100 fast) 15-30 sec rest. The focus is on the effort not short rest. 300 pull, 200 kick, 200 easy


Friday: Tempo Bike

2-2.5 hours. First 1 hour build every 15 minutes starting with easy warm-up and ending the last 10-15 min faster than Half IM pace. After the first hour ride easy for 20-30 minutes then do 3×8 min at Half IM or just slower depending on how you feel (with 5-7 easy spin between), rest of the ride easy.


Saturday: Easy to Moderate Effort 8 mile run with optional easy swim

2200 yd Swim: 300 swim, 300 pull, 10×100 on an interval that gives you about 10 sec rest when swim moderate hard but not all out. 600 (100 kick, 100 swim)

*If you want to swim more yards you can do up to 15 100’s. This would give you 2700 yds.


Sunday: Off or Pick up a missed workout from earlier in the week.



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