Spring Racing

After many, many years away from the track I have decided to spice up my racing schedule this spring by changing my focus from long races(triathlons and half-marathons) to the 1500 and maybe even an occasional 800. Although nervous about this change I am excited to work on developing my speed for several months and even more excited about getting to toe the line in spikes again after 10 years. For the past several weekends I have been joining the Oak Ridge track team on Tuesdays for intervals. At first I was excited about the shorter distance intervals but it didn’t take long before my legs and lungs reminded me how painful 400′s and 200′s could be. Just 2 weeks to go until my season opener. Stayed tuned for updates and results.

  1. Coach’s Spring Schedule
  2. Aggie Opener (March 8)
  3. Wildcat Track and Field Invite or Hornet Invite(Mar 15)
  4. Lodi Elite Mile(March 22)
  5. San Francisco State Distance Carnival(April 4)
  6. Chico Twilight(April 12)
  7. Zippy 5k(April 19)
  8. Pacific TherX 5k or Azusa Last Chance Track Meet(May 10)
  9. PA Track and Field Championships(May 25)
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