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Spring Racing

Posted  by on Feb 20, 2014 in Stephanie’s Blog

After many, many years away from the track I have decided to spice up my racing schedule this spring by changing my focus from long races(triathlons and half-marathons) to the 1500 and maybe even an occasional 800. Although nervous about this change I am excited to work on developing my speed for several months and even more excited about getting to toe the line in spikes again after 10 years. For the past several weekends I have been joining the Oak Ridge track team on Tuesdays for intervals. At first I was excited about the shorter distance intervals but it didn’t take long before my legs and lungs reminded me how painful 400′s and 200′s could be. Just 2 weeks to go until my season opener. Stayed tuned for updates and results.

Coach’s Spring Schedule

Aggie Opener (March 8)

Wildcat Track and Field Invite or Hornet Invite(Mar 15)

Lodi Elite Mile(March 22)

San Francisco State Distance Carnival(April 4)

Chico Twilight(April 12)

Zippy 5k(April 19)

Pacific TherX 5k or Azusa Last Chance Track Meet(May 10)

PA Track and Field Championships(May 25)


End of the Season

December 3, 2103


With so many race options out there it does not surprise me that my race schedule has changed once again. The original plan of running PA Cross Country Championships and then Club Nationals in Bend turned into Run to the Feed the Hungry 5k and Christmas Relays, December 14. Although disappointed about not taking a mini-vacation to Bend I am excited to run Christmas Relays with my teammates from SRA Elite and to race for the team versus myself as an individual.  This race will officially mark the end of my 2013 race season and the start of getting back into triathlon shape!

Although my focus through most of 2014 will still be running I do want to throw in some triathlons- mostly because it keeps me injury free(or at least a better chance of being injury-free). As much as I’d like to put in big run miles my body does not agree so swimming here I come. Last night was my first night back in the water. Upon slowly jumping in the pool I was quickly reminded how chilly the water is in the winter(especially if you procrastinate in the hot tub first) and how run fitness and swim fitness are two totally different things.  A short, slow workout later my shoulders and back continue to remind me of how little I have swam in 2013 and how much work I have to do before my first race in 2014.

Next item of the training agenda is to get my bike ready for some outside riding. Don’t expect to see me out there too early. I will definitely be taking advantage of the afternoon sun!


November Racing

November 20, 2013


In the spring of 2013 I committed myself to becoming an Xterra athlete. This meant that I needed to embrace mountain biking. After about 5 weeks of competing in the local mountain bike race series at Prairie City I crashed. Unfortunately this crash ended with a trip to the ER, some fractured ribs and a long recovery that kept me off the bike and out of the pool.

Not being one for sitting around I immediately committed to training for my first marathon. This was going really well until I cross country season started. I quickly rediscovered that I love to run short and fast(or at least as fast for me)!

After my first cross country race in August I realized that I wanted to spend the fall run cross country and I have enjoyed every step of the way. I have raced 7 cross country races thus far and have 2 to go – the regional championships in Golden Gate Park this weekend and Club Nationals in Bend in December. Although I am looking forward to the holidays and off-season training I am excited about toeing the line with some of the best runners in the country over the next 4 weeks!

Stayed tuned for a race recap from regionals this weekend!




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