The Importance of Adapting

It is Sunday night. You have reviewed the workouts your coach has prescribed and mapped out your assault on the week. You have carefully scheduled your workouts between dropping your kids off at school, work meetings, your commute, errands and cooking dinner. It all looks doable until your client in late to your meeting, you have to pick up your child sick from school or you suddenly find yourself in unexpected stop and go traffic.

If you are like most triathletes the thought of missing your workout window makes your blood pressure start to rise and irritability start to set in. While consistency and sticking to your workout plan is important it is also very important in situations like these to be adaptable. Adaptability is critical to be a successful athlete, especially an age-group athletes with lots of responsibilities and time demands outside of the sport.

Although there will always be times when you are left with no alternative other than taking the day off there are several ways that you can adapt your training week to fit your schedule without losing fitness. Some of these ways include:

• Doing a shorter more specific/intense bike workout on the trainer.
• Skip going to the track for your track workout and do a tempo run from your house or during lunch at work instead.
• Break your run into two smaller runs to fit smaller windows of available time.
• Shorten your warm-up and cool-down sets in the pool and focus on the main set.

Remember that your coach is there for you; if you are unsure of what to do email him/her for advice!

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