Tina’s Workouts Week of June22



Week of June 22

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Monday: Swim 2600 yards last week’s workout


Tuesday: Easy 6 miles


Wednesday: 1.5 hours trainer or outside

20 minutes easy then 3x (1 min hard, 2 min hard, 3 min hard) 5 minute spin between sets and equal recovery between intervals. For example: after the 1 min hard do 1 min easy. Finish the rest of the ride easy.


Thursday: 8 miles build

3 miles easy, 2 miles just slower than half marathon pace, 2 miles at half marathon pace, 1 mile faster than half marathon pace.


Swim: 2400 yards

400 easy, 8×50 build,  2×200 with buoy no paddles, 2×200 with paddles no buoy, 4×100 kick, 400 solid effort, 200 easy


Friday: 2-2.5 hour bike with 3×10 min Half IM pace effort with 5-10 min spin between.




Optional 30 minute run to feel



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