Tina Week of June 29

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Week Of June 29

Monday: off


Tuesday: Swim


Wednesday:  Hard Bike on the trainer.

20 minute warm-up with 5×30 sec builds. Then go 10 x (1 minute hard, 1 min easy, 30 sec hard, 1 min easy), 15 min easy cool-down


Thursday:  6 mile run. Run as:

2 miles easy, 6×800 with 2 minute walk/jog recovery, 1 mile easy.  Start the 800s at 1/2 marathon pace and then try to get each one faster finishing around 10k pace. Let me know how this goes. You can do this on the trail by your house or the treadmill.


Friday: 1:45 bike + 3 mile brick run

30 minutes easy then, 2x(8 min, 6 min, 4 min) with 5 minute spin between each interval and 10 minute spin between sets. Effort should be between half IM pace and Olympic distance pace. Finish the rest of the ride easy to moderate.


Saturday: 8 mile run with a fast finish. Run the first 6 easy to medium and finish with the last two sub 8 minute pace.


Sunday: 2700 yds Cut-down 200s

300 easy, 4×200 pull, 100 kick, 3×200 swim, 100 kick, 2×200 pull, 100 kick, 1×200 swim, 100 easy. 10 sec rest between al 200s.



Week of July 6


Monday: 6 mile run easy to moderate. Rolling hills.


Tuesday: Hard Bike-Outside

20 minute warm-up, then 30 minute TT, 20 minute cool-down. Note your exact route so we can do this again! Record your time for the 30 min.


Wednesday: Swim

400 swim, 6×50 925 easy, 25 fast), 800, 600, 400, 200, 100 kick cool-down.


Thursday: 10 miles. Easy out for the first 5 and then pick it up on the way back. No hard run this week so if you feel good push it the last 3 miles. Get an average pace for this run.


Friday: 2 hours with 6×5 minutes with 5 min spin. First three 5 minute intervals just faster than half IM pace, 2nd three faster than Olympic. Rest of the ride easy to moderate.

2 mile transition run off the bike. I want to keep your legs used to this feeling that way if you want to race you are ready!


Saturday: Off. If you need or want to take a different day off  you can move things around a bit.


Sunday:2000  Swim Short and Sweet!

300 swim, 200 pull, 200 kick, 20×50 hard effort on 60 seconds. 300 easy





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